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Hog Log 100th Anniversary Edition

If you ride, chances are you know a little something about adventure and observation on the road. Now you have a place to put it all down on paper. Boasting a genuine leather cover, this log also includes vintage racing shots and classic bike photos, quotes, a maintenance log, and maps for ten unforgettable road trips. Whether you ride across the Rockies or to the office, this portable journal is the perfect place to tell it like it is.


  • Over 20 vintage photo-graphs from the Harley-Davidson Archives
  • 10 great rides with full-color maps
  • Stories from enthusiasts
  • Evolution of the Harley engine
  • Maintenance tips and log
  • Distance and weather charts
  • Equipment checklist

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Hog Log 100th Anniversary Edition
Hog Log 100th Anniversary Edition

Sale Price: $20.92

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HOG LOG 100th ANNIVERSARY EDITION A journal for the motorcycle enthusiast, beautifully bound in leather.